Shalamar was about to give the order to attack when he was checked by the Spirit within.

Could it be?

He waited with silent expectation.

He had decided that an all-out battle was the only option they had left.  He had positioned his warriors to attack the Special Forces from both sides, hoping that they were not prepared for such an open confrontation.

But, just as Akbar had started to move across the plaza, he began to feel it and then he saw it.  There was movement in the plaza, a rustling of robes and the angry murmur of people.  There were dozens of them and then, dozens more, as they kept coming out of the alleyways and streets to stand in the plaza.  A dark mass of people, an angry mob with one intent, one purpose, one holy mission.  He saw Akbar stop in the middle of the plaza with his guard detail huddled around him.

Guido had done it!  He had done it after all!

They had heard what Akbar intended to do to Benjamin and Gamaliel and they had come.  They simply would not allow it.  Not that they were violent.  The followers of the Maschiach seldom are, but they would not allow it just the same.  They, too, had their spies, even in the household of the High Priest.

“Sit down.”

The command came from the mass of people, though it was only one voice that spoke.  The guards sat down without a word right where they stood and Akbar joined them quickly, not wanting to be marked as the leader.

Not another word was spoken nor, strangely, was it expected.  They would simply wait for the dawning of the day.

Then all would be revealed.


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The Temptations of the Cross by Bert A. Amsing
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Footnotes and references included in original manuscript.