Jesus was an Alien (and Other Stories of Faith)

Jesus was an Alien

Created for His Pleasure

 The joy of the Lord is my strength.
Getting rid of all my small ambitions
to make this one thing the hallmark of my life.
To please God.
Whether I get what I pray for or not,
whether my circumstances change or not,
whether I am healed or not.
To consider every sacrifice a small price to pay
to obtain the pearl of great price.
His pleasure. 

So begins Jesus was an Alien (and Other Stories of Faith). Here you might talk to Jesus about your neighbors and get his perspective.  Here you may encounter God in flip flops in a boardroom or discover that Jesus was an alien (or not).  Here a funeral can be a wedding and an eight year old can teach you the Heart of God.  Watch as El Shaddai, the Almighty God, intervenes at the Tower of Babel.  

Discover the Way of the Desert Warrior with Joshua at the foot of Mt. Sinai and rejoice in the shock of Lucifer at the cross as Jesus raises his spiritual head and looks upon his enemy in triumph.

All this, and more, awaits to inspire your own story of faith. Read.  Share.  Love.  The Divine Story is lived in you and through you.  

¨. . . interesting and fun, a great combination.¨


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Jesus was an Alien (and Other Stories of Faith) by Bert A. Amsing
Copyright © 2012 by vanKregten Publishers.  All rights reserved.
Footnotes and references included in original manuscript.

1 thought on “Jesus was an Alien (and Other Stories of Faith)”

  1. Jeremiah Isah said:

    wow awesome, so much to learn, so much to discover and i’m loving this site…

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