An Alternative Approach

Rather than trying to become “gods” ourselves, we may want to consider an alternative approach and seek out the true God of life and death, the Creator, the one who started it all and has conquered the power of sin (i.e. rebellion against the rule of God) and death (i.e. the natural consequences of a broken relationship with the Creator and Sustainer of Life) in our lives by dying on a tree outside a small, provincial city called Jerusalem almost two thousand years ago.

But perhaps that is too big a step for some to take at this stage in our discussion.  Still, it’s interesting how that “truth” about the existence of an external God (rather than being our own god) seems to put a lot of things in perspective.

The heart of the issue, in this view, is a relationship – a new relationship with an old acquaintance, our Father, the Creator.  A relationship that was destroyed at the beginning, creating the myth of (and the desire for) human autonomy at any cost.  A relationship that can be restored only through Jesus Christ and what he accomplished through his death on the cross and resurrection to new life.

A relationship that is the key to understanding human nature.  We were created to live in continual, physical-spiritual contact with and under the loving authority of our Creator.

The reality is that we do not always know what our real needs are in a world created by God.  We are more interested in the expediency of our perceived self-interest based on our felt needs.

We have tunnel vision when we need the broad perspective of someone who has all the information, can see the future consequences of every action, someone who has the power and resources to manage life for our benefit and finally, someone who is entirely and completely “good,” who loves us and has our best interests in mind.

We lost that connection and it must be restored.  That is the only true source of meaning, purpose and significance in this life.  It is the only thing that is able to defeat death and result in everlasting, ongoing life without end.


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