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Category: Reflections

Cruel Innocence

“The difference between innocence and virtue is that virtue knows better.” Anonymous Innocence is beautiful but children can also be cruel. Virtue is not automatic. It is chosen with eyes wide open in the face of...

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Resurrection Sunday

We, as Christians, are always trying to go back in time to Friday, when we have to learn to live in the present on Resurrection Sunday. The Desert Warrior

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Is love enough?

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.” Lao Tzu Unlike · · Unfollow Post · Share ***** You and NF like this. Bert Amsing I like this saying…very...

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A Conversation about Hell

These are some Tweets that I posted on my Twitter account a month or so ago together with some comments made by someone who believes in Islam.  I also added my own discussion at the end. 1.  Hell is simply living eternally in...

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In the Midst of Battle

The most dangerous PRIDE comes as a gentle word and soothing advice when HUMILITY shouts a warning in the streets in the midst of battle and is not heard, or even worse, ignored and dismissed as spiritual immaturity. ***** The...

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The Right Question

There are three questions that I must ask Four that I do not understand. Why did you make me? Why did you save me? Why did you show me my shame? Why did you love me anyway? The right question will set me free To reveal your...

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The Path of Privilege

Wintley Phipps says, “God put a word in my spirit some years ago that when your path becomes one of privilege and you do not remember the innocent you left behind, your privilege will soon cease to be a blessing and will...

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