Day Eight (Pre-Launch)

Good morning, Lord.  Thank you for another day in the desert with you.  I had a great talk with Fernando today and it looks like things are moving forward well.  Sometimes I get stuck, not knowing how to move forward without any money or any idea of what to do next.  It helps to know that launching this ministry is your will whether I feel worthy or not.  Knowing what your will is makes it easier to just keep looking for a solution, to keep going and ignore the frustration or the sense of being lost in the fog of uncertainty.  Thank you, Lord.

Today, we made some real progress on the rewards structure and also talked about the introductory video.  Fernando had some good ideas.  Help me to find the right people to help make it happen.  It seems overwhelming at this point.  Vero says that her friend might be able to help.  He is an expert in video and making documentarys.  Apparently, he has won awards for his work.  I know that he doesn´t believe in you, Lord and he is something of an intellectual.  Help me to remember that it isn´t about getting the job done but about witnessing to the truth of your grace in my life.  Help me to keep my priorities straight.

Lord, I also need to work out the actual project presentation this week.  I need some creativity and clarity so that I can present both the book and the ministry in a way that is appealing and also honors you.  Thank you for your help.  Help me to work out all of the many details that need to be in place before we launch.   Apparently, we need 30 people to like our DWM facebook page so that we can keep the name.  We also need people to participate in the campaign within the first week or so and make a donation and promote the website and the campaign to others.  Lord, I put a list of people together to contact but I need your help.  Give me favor in their eyes, Lord and let me represent you well as your servant.  Thank you for the opportunity to grow and learn in your service.  I belong to you.  In your name, I pray.  Amen.

The Desert Warrior
The Adventure of Grace by Bert A. Amsing.
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