Day Eleven (Pre-Launch)

Good morning, Lord.  Thank you for another day in the desert with you.  No water in the house for two days, no showers, no toilets, no water for dishes.  Apparently they are fixing the water lines after the recent flooding.  Thank you for such a quick response by the government.  Help us to manage the inconveniences with grace.

Lord, I want to thank you for another year of life.  It will be my birthday soon and I will be 53 years old.  I don´t feel that old but I also have diabetes and I know that you can come and take me at any time.  People with diabetes usually die of a heart attack but I also know that I could live for many more years yet.  It´s the not knowing, the awareness of your mortality that matters.  No more living the fantasy of invincibility, much better the reality of immortality with you.  Thank you, Lord, for that assurance.

Still, it makes me wonder how I can best spend the next 10 to 20 years of my life if you give me that much.  I have three things left to do.  First, live out and tell the story of your grace in my life.  Second, make restitution to and reconcile with everyone (including my old lenders for my business ventures in the past) for your glory.  And three, provide for my family, by your grace, both now and after I´m gone.  Thank you for the clarity of knowing you, Lord.

Thank you for a great coaching session yesterday with Fernando.  It looks like we may launch a week later if we don´t have everything ready.  We especially need to get the introductory video done as well as find some people who would be willing to jump start the campaign with early support in the first two weeks.  We also decided to go for 60 days rather than 90 days so there isn´t much time to build momentum.  We need your blessing and anointing, Lord, for any of this to work.  I pray for all the people involved in this project.  Help us to see beyond the work to the truth and the message of your grace.

It also looks like we will be doing the project in English and Spanish so that a lot of our Spanish friends will be able to participate.  Lord, that is important to us right from the beginning, not only because we live in Argentina but because we believe that you have given us a message for both languages.  It is a key aspect of our vision and mission statement.  So, thank you for the opportunity to start right.  We are already trying to translate everything into both languages.  Help me to get better with my Spanish and allow me to communicate effectively in both languages.

It´s amazing how a specific goal with a deadline can focus your energies and make things happen.  Thank you, Lord, for the time and the opportunity to pursue this ministry.  I belong to you.  In your name, I pray.  Amen.

The Desert Warrior

The Adventure of Grace by Bert A. Amsing
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