Day Nineteen (Pre-Launch)

Good morning, Lord.  Thank you for another day in paradise with you.  I had such a busy day yesterday.  It was my first day working in a business teaching English.  I left in the morning and didn´t get back until almost midnight.  Right now it´s two times a week but later it will be more.  Thank you, Lord, for more work.  We need the money but we also need time for the ministry and writing.  Sometimes I find it difficult to know whether to take risks for ministry or stay conservative and support my family.  Finding that balance is hard, Lord.  I want to please you and you ask me to do both.  So there must be a way to do both and I simply have to find it and be patient in the meantime.  Thank you for your wisdom, Lord.

Today, I will have another meeting with Fernando via SKYPE.  I pray that you would help us to finish all the details that are needed before we launch the campaign on Monday.  Lord, I just saw the Book Trailer that petra did for me and I think it´s wonderful.  Thank you for her and her creativity.  Lord, she did a great job with the Ministry Video as well, although it mostly was done by Vero´s friend.  Still she put the final product together.  Lord, I pray that you would use these tools to inspire people to read the book and to come into a closer relationship with you as a result.  You are the only one who can change the human heart but you have decided to make us an integral part of getting the word out.  Lord, you took a risk on us.  Whether or not we would be living examples of what we preach and, even, whether we would bother to tell people about you at all.   I suppose that you would rather have a few good promoters than a lot of half-hearted ones.  If the message of your grace hasn´t changed us, then our message is weak and ineffectual.  Lord, teach us relational evangelism, distinctive apologetics and radical discipleship.  We want to please you.   I belong to you and you belong to me.  In your name, I pray.  Amen.

The Desert Warrior

An Adventure of Grace – Our Crowdfunding Journey by Bert A. Amsing.
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