Day Twenty-One (Pre-Launch)

Good morning, Lord.  Thank you for another day of Sabbath rest with you in the desert.  With one more day before launch, I don´t know how much rest I will get today but the truth is that you take all the worry and frustration away.  We are either in your will or not and I believe that even if we make a mistake in good faith, you will honor that.  So we can rest.  Not presume, mind you.  But rest.  Rest assured that you will either give us the simple good or the complex good (as C.S. Lewis has said).  Either you will give us the “simple good” things of life as we understand them.  The sunshine, our daily bread, even extras and special momentos of your care.  The simple good things of life that are intrinsically good in and of themselves.  That is what we pray for and that is what you often provide.

 But there is also the complex good.  Things that are intrinsically NOT good but that you transform into good for those who love you and are called to reveal your glory. This complex good is something you do, not something we seek.  In fact, you count on us seeking the simple good in order for the complex good to be transformed into something that is for our eternal good in Jesus Christ.  You turn suffering, pain and even death into a way to reveal your glory.  Thank you for that promise.

Not only do all good things come from you, as your word says, but all things that come from you, or allowed by you, are for our good (whether they are good in themselves or not).  No wonder Paul could be content whether he was in plenty or want.  That contentment is our rest, our peace, our sabbath.  Thank you, Lord, for a sabbath rest in the desert with you.  I always carry around with me the promised land of your presence, your promises and your passions.  Together with Moses, we declare that we will not go up from this desert into some earthly promised land of better circumstances if you do not go with us.  We would rather be in the desert with you than in the promised land without you.

Lord, I pray for Fernando who must also be feeling the pressure of the final days before the launch.  I pray that you would also bless his efforts to serve your people through this crowdfunding platform.  It´s such a great idea but it always takes a bit of time for people to know about it and then learn how to use it.  I pray, Lord, that you would teach him to rely on you entirely and look to your anointing as the source of power in his life and ministry.  Thank you.  We belong to you.  In your name, I pray.  Amen.

The Desert Warrior

The Adventure of Grace – Our Crowdfunding Journey by Bert A. Amsing.
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