Launch Countdown – Three

Hello Everybody,
Sorry for this form letter but things are so busy right now that I only have time to communicate to you this way.  Please forgive me for not being more personal with each one of you.  As many of you know, I am living in Argentina and making a living teaching English as a Foreign Language.  I have also been busy writing short stories and books.  The problem with living in a peso society with the second highest inflation in the world is that it is difficult to do anything, like publish a book, in dollars in Canada or the United States.
We discovered the world of Crowdfunding about six months ago and found a Christian program at  Crowdfunding is based on the idea that if everyone in your community of friends and family helps a little, you can get funding for your projects.  In our case, we decided to offer my first book as a reward for a donation.  Think of it as pre-ordering the book with a delivery date in three to six months.  You pay for it securely through the website with a credit card and then I will receive the money in Argentina at the end of the campaign.  You are paying for the book (and other rewards) upfront but getting the product later.  In that way, we can gather up the funds necessary to publish the book.  If we are able to surpass our goal, it will be used to launch Desert Warrior Ministries.  Check out our website for more information at
We are only THREE days away from the launch of the campaign.  The campaign will go for 60 days until Dec. 10, 2012.  Would you prayerfully consider becoming an early supporter?  By that, I mean, would you be willing to go to the website next week and make a donation, write a comment, or lift up a written prayer (on the website).  Your early support will help build momentum and interest in the campaign.  It is probably the one thing that I need the most from my family and friends for this campaign (besides their prayers).  Thank you so much.
If you go to, you can sign up to recieve my posts in your email account.  On the sidebar of each page is a sign up box under the title, “Follow blog via email”.  This is an important step in keeping in touch.  Instead of trying to remember to check out the Desert Warrior Ministries website on a regular basis, you can receive the posts directly in your email.  Just click on the post and it will bring you back to the website so that you can READ the entire post.
Whenever you read a post or an email from DWM, please say a prayer for us.  Prayer is the thing we need the most.  Without prayer, the rest is useless.  But, if you would also be kind enough to LIKE the page after you read it and pray about it (and assuming that you do LIKE it), that would be greatly appreciated.  In addition, there are various ways that you can SHARE that post with your facebook and twitter friends.  Read, Pray, Share.
May God bless you and thank you for your support as we begin our Crowdfunding Campaign.  We are very excited and tired at the same time.  Further updates to come……
Best Regards,
Mr. Bert Amsing
SKYPE ID: bamsing2115