Mockery and Creation

J.W  Sigh. When will this ridiculous argument go away.
Tomorrow please
How Really to Debate Creationists: Bill Nye versus Ken Ham
Yesterday, Ken Ham, nutty founder of Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum in Kentucky debated Bill Nye, the Science Guy on the evidence for Young Creationism…

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  • Bert Amsing Sigh. I agree….the truth is so obvious….nothing to debate….the evidence is so clear….lol
  • JW Who created god then bert? Why don’t you stone people who work on Sundays? We can break down Leviticus and move on from there.
    Clear my but, unless your the individual interpreting the bible.
  • Bert Amsing God, by definition, is eternal… can believe He exists or not….that’s up to you…but in order to have an intelligent conversation…or debate…you have to know something about the opposing arguments…..your comments show that you are being emotional….and irrational….not intelligently discussing the issues….stoning? seriously? …..Leviticus? …..individual interpretation of the Bible?…..really? That’s the best you can do for a discussion that is at the heart of the moral debate of Western Civilization?
  • FM You wish it would go away and yet you keep posting….
    Hmmm……See More
  • Bert Amsing Good point…FM….lol
  • JW No. Not trolling. Just sick of all of this. I just find it amusing to think that dinosaurs happens in the last 7000 years. Too funny.
  • JW This is both of your professions. Not mine. You are both experts at arguing your position. I am not. I know what I have read and seen in my life.For me selective science is amusing. You except gravity, physics but not geology? Without a doubt dinosaurs existed a lot longer than 7000 years. The proof is empirical.
  • FM JW please don’t put words in my mouth.
    I’m not about to get into a debate because not everybody who is with Bill Nye agrees with Bill Nye and not everybody who is with Ken ham agrees with Ken ham. Done. Over.
  • Bert Amsing Exactly….the debate is bigger (and more professional) than these two debaters….I do agree that it is worthy of debate but I think most people are missing the point…..if science was the only point of departure, we would undoubtedly be evolutionists….although even darwinism is under attack by many non-religious scientists and philosophers…..Christianity is simply making the claim that God exists….and that He has spoken….and we accept that revelation as fact… it fits exactly into history and science is open for debate…..but saying that dinosaurs existed 7000 years ago is clearly outside of the revelation of the Bible….as well as science… does NOT fully reveal reality ……but reality is rooted in science….the real question is anthropological…..does mankind have the ability to KNOW reality fully? Probably not…..but science does allow us to know truly what we do have access to and what we do understand at least partially… (and technology) has been good to us in the last two to three hundred years especially …..but it has made us arrogant to an extent….and some would argue that we have lost as much as we have gained….human nature doesn’t seem to have changed much….and relationships are still the most important aspects of life….a materialistic worldview seems to have made meaning, identity, purpose and significance more difficult to achieve….again, anthropology….the study of man…is the key issue….what is your worldview…what are your basic assumptions about life, and death and what matters and what is true….and how do those things affect your behaviour as an individual and as a society….abortion, gay rights, sexual abuse inside and outside of the church, pornography, wars and rumours of wars, evil in all of it’s manifold faces….the question still remains….if God is there, would it change anything in my life? You can argue about everything else…but if God exists, then evolutionism is wrong and creationism is right….however you understand the science of it….God could have created a mature earth after all, if He exists….so the real question is….does the God of the Bible exist? Did he show up in the burning bush and speak to Moses? Did Jesus really heal people and raise them from the dead? If they are just stories, no problem…..I am with the evolutionists….if they are not, then it is a game changer….my problem is that I have done a lot of homework on these issues and the evidence for the existence of God is quite compelling….even if not conclusive….and that is how God wants it…He isn’t trying to convince anyone….it isn’t a debate for Him….winning people over to His way of looking at the world and creating a new relationship with Him isn’t just a topic of discussion….it was a rescue operation that he was willing to die for…..they mocked Jesus too….they spit on him too…..and they killed him in order to be politically correct….he hung around with the outcasts, the prostitutes, the poor, the politically incorrect….and they crucified him for it…..this isn’t a debate…this is a life and death struggle for your soul….just saying….
  • NJ You cannot argue with those who make a living justifying an ancient work of fiction as literal fact.
  • RG Superstition is as stupid and it is obvious.
    • Bert Amsing Mockery is the last resort of ignorance…..just saying….
    • RG Might as well invent sayings to try and support your superstitious silliness.
      And look at your second comment from the top. Nothing but ad hominem attacks and insults. You superstitious people are confused can only flail impotently at people who make sense and depend on evidence.
    • Bert Amsing Take a look at what you just did….mockery is the last defense of ignorance……if you depend on evidence…give it…I did….where is yours? I even gave you a green light to discredit the historical accuracy of the resurrection….go ahead…give it your best shot….calling something silly….doesn’t make it so….lol
      DH Oh, Bert…
      KW You can never argue religion or politics. People make up their own minds, as well they should. It’s the old, “One man’s meat is another man’s poison.” To each his own.