Part One:  The Jerusalem Oracle
1.       Death of a Warrior
2.       The Old Man in the Temple
3.       Memories from the Past
4.       Battle over Jerusalem
5.       Passover in the HolyCity

Part Two:  The Ancient Story

6.       The Shedding of Blood
7.       Messianic Prophecy
8.       Ten Divine Words
9.       The Days of Artistry
10.     Breaking the Alliance
11.     The Covenant of Promise

Part Three: The New Covenant

12.     Birth Pangs
13.     Temptation in the Desert
14.     Prophet, Priest, and King
15.     Mobilizing the Forces
16.     The Gathering Darkness

Part Four:  The Angels Weep

17.     The Dark Night of the Soul
18.     The Divine Irony
19.     Truth on Trial

 Part Five:  The Death of Death

20.  The Descent into hell
21.   Death comes in Darkness
22.   The Divine Sting
23.   Divine Visitations
24.  Thy Kingdom Come
Part Six: The Last Battle
25.  Transformation
The Temptations of the Cross by Bert Amsing
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