The Gift of Significance

Good morning, Lord.  Thank you for another day.  Thank you for the story that I wrote last night.  I haven’t decided yet whether I like it as a story but I wish it were true, that you would use me for your glory to make a difference in people’s lives using the gifts that you have given me.
Lord, I believe that you have told me to go back to my writing, back to my blog and my books and get your message on paper so to speak.
The other day, when we were coming home from school on the bus, Michu and I were talking about forgiveness and I was teaching her all the things that you have taught me.  She asked me if I had written this all down in my books and I had to admit that I had only done so partially, here and there.  She wanted some place to go to remind her of what I was saying.
Lord, teach her the power of living a righteous life in you so that her prayers are powerful and effective.  I pray the same for Melu (and Nicole and Andrew).  I also pray for Vero that you would make her well and that she would continue to grow in her walk with you.
Lord, I want to fast until the money comes through hopefully next Friday.  A fast of fruit and vegetables and healthy drinks (since I am diabetic) to show you how much I desire to follow this path of learning to make money while focused on Desert Warrior Ministries and my writing and speaking gifts.  For the first time in a long time, I am truly excited about the possibilities and I would like to learn the ropes with Alex Jeffreys as my coach, which means that I have to come up with the 1300 USD from somewhere this week.
Lord, may it be so.
Give me the gift of significance in a common purpose as we carry together the burden of glory for those around us which is true spiritual fellowship (what my wife and I lack and truly desire).
I know that I am eternally significant to you as your adopted son and that is enough in and of itself, but in this dark and dangerous world which has rebelled against you, it is not enough to know you only as Father or Saviour but also as Lord in loving obedience.
You, yourself, declared your holy purpose in allowing this world, this in-between purgatory of sorts, to continue and that purpose is to bring your kingdom, your kingship (as Saviour and Lord) to everyone possible before the end comes.
Lord, you call us to a purpose driven life and in that purpose we are effective and powerful only when we pray, when we share the burden of Glory, when we attempt your impossible possibilities in faith which drives us to our knees but only in the context of living out Christ’s righteousness in us through the way of the cross in confession, repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation in the context of full surrender to your will living out a redemptive focus in a creational context.
This gift of significance (have) in our purpose is the natural gift or result of our life ministry (do) done out of gratitude because of our new life with you not in order to gain it and it is a natural overflow of who we are (be) in Christ.  Our identity (be) is in Christ.  Our purpose (do) is in our life ministry and our significance (have) is that integration of who we are and the overflow into what we do and how we do it…..Your love in us (be) shared with those who need it (do) transforming lives through the power of your Holy Spirit empowering our life ministry as our testimony to the reality of your presence in our lives creates significance (have).
The prayers (shared burden) of a righteous man or woman (living out the righteousness of Christ through confession, repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation) are powerful and effective (in a joint ministry and rescue operation).  Who we are overflows in what we do and creates what we have.  Identity (be) overflows in purpose (do) creating significance (have) which is what gives our lives meaning (transcendence).  Love always wants to share itself, broaden the circle, include others, have babies, transform lives.  The love of God in Christ is the ultimate reality of the universe and is the meaning of life.
Thank you for the gift of significance, to be part of something that matters, something transcendent, something bigger than ourselves.
Thank you most of all for the miracle that we would even desire it at all….to please you in terms of who we are and how we minister to others through our spiritual and creational gifts and in terms of what we want, what we are after….not our own glory but your glory which is the only reality that can change the human heart.
I pray in Jesus’ name.  Amen.