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The Anointing
This is probably my favorite story.  Perhaps because it touches close to home and reflects some aspects of my own life.  It is also the most clear exposition of what I believe the church to be all about and how to live in the anointing of God.
This is a story of a Pastor who was walking downtown near the soup kitchen with a fellow parishoner from his church and they were held up by a drugged up young person with a gun.  His friend is killed and the story starts with the Pastor trying to get his act together on the morning of the funeral.  Peter, his friend, was a businessman who lost a lot of money for himself and his partner, Frank, who killed himself when the bottom fell out of the market.  A lot of people in the church had invested their life savings with Peter and Frank and so the entire community was upset and hurting.  What would the Pastor say about Peter and this situtation now that Peter and Frank were both dead?
Six years.  Six months.  Six minutes.  That´s what it all came down to.  Six years of work in the church.  Six months of putting up with Peter who claims to have found the key to the abundant life even though he lost the life savings of most of the congregation.  No one wanted to listen to him and he was creating problems and division in the church.  And then, six minutes.  From the moment they were confronted in the street by the druggie until Peter was dead.  Six lousy minutes.  And it changed everything.  The seventh minute.  The seventh month.  The seventh year.  The time of anointing.
This is a story about the importance of the anointing of God in the life of the church.  It takes about an hour and fifteen minutes to read out loud so it´s a bit long – the longest story in the book.  But it probably most accurately tells the story of what I believe about the Chrisitan life and the fellowship of the saints in the life of the church.  There is some music involved near the end so the audio version should be great and I am looking forward to putting an audio book together for Jesus was an Alien.
This story about the Anointing is not on the website.  It is only available for those who buy the book.  I hope you enjoy it and that you learn how to live in the anointing of God as a community of faith.
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