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“I have been looking forward to eating this Passover Seder with you.”  Yeshua said.  “I shall not eat it again until we eat it together at the great feast in the Kingdom of God.”

Then Yeshua covered his head with his prayer shawl and, taking a cup of wine, he raised one hand in blessing over the cup and gave thanks.

“Take this,” he said to his disciples, “and share it among you, because, from now on, I will not drink wine until the Kingdom of God comes.”

The disciples looked around at each other.  They already had wine at their places but Yochanan took the chalice from Yeshua’s hand and poured a bit of the wine into his own cup and passed it on to the others.

Gabriel looked on, his eyes moist.  Yeshua would drink no wine this night.  He had another cup to drink that would be difficult enough.

And for the next while, Yeshua and his disciples ate together and discussed what had happened to them over the past few days, and what the future held.

But Gabriel could see that Yeshua was troubled in his spirit, and he knew with mounting certainty and awe that Yeshua grieved for his betrayer.


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The Temptations of the Cross by Bert A. Amsing
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