The "Holiness Project" Series

Discovering the Power of Relational Holiness

The Holiness Project

Discovering the Power of Relational Holiness

A five-book series (and an optional bundle) coming soon to Amazon. Available for free on this website (for now).

We start by looking at the Spirit of Holiness to understand the power and beauty of this relational holiness that is ours by grace. But it is also important to look at what the Religious Spirit is as well. Sadly, our churches are full of the religious spirit, especially at the leadership level.

Then we take a look at what true spiritual leadership really is and how it is infused with spiritual power. Finally, we discover the 7 laws of spiritual success and the missing link that empowers all of our efforts. Enjoy!

Book 1: The Spirit of Holiness

I have heard that the Secret Service is responsible for dealing with counterfiet money. They train their new recruits by spending most of their time on what "real" money looks like, feels like and even smells like. The same is true for us.

By recognizing what true holiness looks like, feels like and even smells like (well, maybe not "smells" exactly), we will have a much better chance of promoting it in ourselves and others.

Relational holiness is a specific thing that is based on the Way of the Cross and how we follow it. There is spiritual joy and peace in the process. There is spiritual effort and sacrifice as well. But in the end, there is one element that cannot be faked.

Book 2: The Religious Spirit

What a sad commentary to realize that the Religious Spirit is just as prevelant today as it was in the time of Christ.

There are Pharisees in our churches who don't understand the gospel of grace. When they get into power, they can lock the church into a cycle of powerlessness by focusing on the form rather than the essence of the gospel. There are Saduccees who love the politics and crave influence. When they get into power, manipulation, personal interest and agenda are the norm.

There are the Essenes who just want to separate themselves from the pollution of the world and do their devotions and prayers in peace. And then, of course, there are the zealots, focused on their cause (and there are a lot of worthy causes out there).

But, in the end, the question is whether there are any real disciples, willing to follow the Way of the Cross, to help lead the church.

Book 3: Spiritual Leadership

There is a fundamental problem with leadership that even the secular world recognizes. Those that seek power are the most unfit to wield it. We call that the Leadership Paradox.

In the church it is supposed to be different but politics and strife seem to be at every turn. How do we find anointed leaders who can make a real difference in the ministry of the church.

First, we have to acknowledge the problem and why it exists even in the church. Secondly, we need to understand the four authorities and recognize and prioritize spiritual authority. Third, there has to be a real burden of glory in the life of the anointed leader.

After all, isn't it the anointing of God that makes someone fit for leadership in the first place. Enjoy!

Book 4: Spiritual Power

Spiritual Power is relational. Nothing more. Nothing less. And the relationship is with God (of course). We aren't talking about your devotions and your prayers first of all but rather your "cross" life.

Unless you learn the Way of the Cross via Confession, Repentance, Forgiveness and Reconciliation, you will have no spiritual power. It isn't about personal integrity or morality first of all. It isn't about your position in society or in the church. It isn't even about your influence and relationship with certain people.

The issue is first and foremost whether you relate to God the way He wants you to, via the cross. That is the only way to reveal the glory within and influence people for the gospel without. Enjoy!

Book 5: The 7 Laws of Spiritual Success

The 7 Laws of Spiritual Success is not what you would normally expect. It isn't about secular success but about "spiritual" success (which, for Christians, includes what people generally mean by "secular" success but within the context of discipleship).

In other words, your entire life is already a ministry and everything, for Christians, is spiritual. The question is how effective are you at your Life Ministry.

Ambition is expected. Discipline is Essential. This is not a game. After all, discipleship is warfare according to Jesus and Stewardship is accountability and Leadership is Influence.

But the key to everything is the missing link. When you understand that, you will be well on your way to spiritual success. Enjoy!

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