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Read. Pray. Share.

We encourage you to READ and COMMENT

on the posts and become part of the DWM community.

Use our resources to spread the good news to others.

We are dedicated to making as much of this material as possible available for free.

Whatever you find on this website, you can share with others.

Be aware of copyright issues and make sure that there is a proper link back to this website.

We encourage you to PRAY for Desert Warrior Ministries.

Prayer is a conversation with God.
He is our Provider and Protector.
He uses other people and organizations but it is His Spirit that moves the heart

to act and do the things that please Him.

Once you realize that God calls you to live an “impossible” life of true repentance

with the goal of spiritual unity and ongoing reconciliation, then you will realize the need for prayer.

This ministry is impossible without the presence, promises, and power of God.

Prayer changes things, especially the hardest things in the world, like the human heart.

There is absolutely nothing more important to Desert Warrior Ministries than your prayers on our behalf.

We encourage you to SHARE Desert Warrior Ministries.

Sometimes (many times) we may not be able to participate financially in a ministry

even though we believe in what they are doing but we can still help.

The financial help is always appreciated but, honestly, the key to our ministry is whether or not YOU will participate with us in getting the word out to everyone you know.

You can SHARE the DWM vision with others by FOLLOWING, SHARING and LIKING

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Let us know how we can serve you with better materials and resources to help you share your faith with others.

A Prayer Partner may or may not purchase anything from DWM.
That´s not a problem.
We are far more interested in your prayers.

Read the material on the website/blog and sign up for the free ebook in installments.

Whenever you interact with us, please say a prayer
for our ministry.

If you believe in what we are doing, please SHARE
DWM (at least once) with someone else.

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