How to Promote

Thank you for your interest in following, sharing, and promoting Desert Warrior Ministries.
In this post, I will outline some ideas that may help you to participate and engage

in this ministry together with us.

When you FOLLOW Desert Warrior Ministries,

you will stay connected and receive all of the updates, events, posts, and notices.
You can FOLLOW the Blog, the Facebook page, or the Twitter feed.

When you SHARE Desert Warrior Ministries on YOUR Facebook and Twitter networks,

you are promoting DWM and getting the word out to your friends,

family members and other favorite people.

When you retweet and click favorite on Twitter, you are promoting DWM.
This is very much appreciated and is essential to helping DWM
go VIRAL (no, that is not a disease).
Going VIRAL means that the information and ministry of DWM is meeting a need

and people are talking, sharing, and promoting it on their own.

Assuming that this ministry meets a spiritual need in your life,

please prayerfully consider SHARING it over and over again (not just once).

You are an important part of this ministry

and DWM would love to be an important part of your life ministry.

Finally, when you LIKE Desert Warrior Ministries

(either this BLOG or the DWM Facebook page),

you are also promoting DWM in an important way.

The amount of LIKES tells search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo

that this Blog is popular and contains information of value.

Already, we are receiving “searches” with terms such as “Jesus Alien Theory” and other searches from both Christians and non-Christians alike.
Your help in LIKEing us will get us a better standing on key search words and phrases.
Once again, this is an important aspect of the DWM ministry.

Here are some step-by-step instructions

for how to FOLLOW, SHARE, and LIKE Desert Warrior Ministries.

There are three things to FOLLOW on this website,

namely, the DWM Facebook Page, the DWM Twitter Feed and the DWM Blog itself.

In order to FOLLOW the DWM Facebook Page,

go to the left sidebar and click on the LIKE button.
The LIKE button will connect the DWM Facebook page to your Facebook page.

Once you click on the LIKE button, a pop-up screen will appear

and give you a chance to sign in to your Facebook account.
If you don´t have a Facebook account, at the bottom of the pop-up screen

there is a link that will allow you to sign up for Facebook.

Once you sign in, you will be redirected to your own

Facebook page and you will automatically be following

and LIKEing the Desert Warrior Ministries Facebook page.
There is nothing more to do.
Just logout whenever you are ready and you will come back to this website.

Secondly, in order to follow the DWM Twitter Feed

, go to the left sidebar and click on the “Follow@desertwarrior3” button for Twitter

at the bottom of the Twitter feed.

That's all there is to it. And thank you very much.

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