The "Revelations" Series

Embracing the Power of God's Priorities


Embracing the Power of God's Priorities

A seven-book series (and an optional bundle) coming soon to Amazon. Available for free on this website (for now).

The Book of Revelations isn't just about Armageddon and the End of the World but, rather, it is a call to Radical Discipleship when we embrace the power of God's Priorities.

God's secret weapons against sin and evil and for the salvation of His people are the "living martyrs" who have the power to give witness to the transformation within even in the face of death.

From the letters to the churches to a deep understanding of evil and the realization that the continued existence of evil is a severe mercy granted to us by God, from the revelation of the mystery of God to an appreciation of what it means to live in a Just Universe, to the Glorious Business of God and the End of Days, you will discover the power of embracing the priorities of God.

Book 1: The Dangerous Church

The 7 Letters to the Church

What kind of church do you attend? Is it a Leadership Church or a Missionary Church? Perhaps it is a Rich Church or a Poor Church. Perhaps it is a Libertine Church or a Charismatic Church. Whatever kind of church you have, Jesus has something to say to you.

The call to the churches of all ages is a call to Radical Discipleship. We are either a dangerous church in our dealings with the world or the church will become dangerous to us. There is no middle ground and the choice is ours.

Book 2: A Theodicy of Evil

Understanding the Nature of Evil

Many people like to talk about the Religious Problem of Evil as if the existence of God proves that evil is his fault. What they don't realize is that there is also a Secular Problem of Evil that has nothing to do with God.

From the Throne Room of God and the Weeping Prophet to the Reality of Sin and the Dangers of the Divine Ethic, you will finally encounter the Wrath of God and of the Lamb and you will agree with them.

Only then will you understand the Relational Nature of Hell, the manner and nature of the Providence and Protection of God, and how to Pray Behind Enemy Lines.

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