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Lucifer was satisfied.  It had been a tricky moment.

He had not expected Yeshua to give Judas such a clear warning, and for one long, awful point in time, he thought that Judas might come to his senses.  But the roots of sin are deep, and Judas made his choice and ate the bread.  In doing so he gave him the authority to enter in and complete the rest of the plan.

Lucifer did not want to leave the last crucial steps to chance, no last minute problems, no hesitation, no doubts, no turning back.

Tundrac had done his work well, Lucifer thought, turning his mind to the other preparations.  The temple guards were assembled and waiting, armed with weapons and lanterns and torches to find their way through the night.  This was the personal guard of the High Priest and they would do what they were told.

Caiaphas and his father-in-law, Annas, had pulled some strings to arrange for a cohort of Roman soldiers to accompany them from the garrison in Yerushalayim.  They had fabricated some story about arresting a criminal dangerous to Rome, intending to make the charges stick later.  For now, they just wanted him in custody and, once they had him, they would not let him go.

It was reckless but that was the general mood of the night.  Reckless!  Lucifer didn’t care anymore.  He would not lose this opportunity.

Originally he was going to wait until he understood better what was going on but he was running out of time.  He hadn’t really, finally, decided to commit himself to killing Yeshua but he found himself doing it anyway.  The temptation to indulge himself in that bit of revenge was just too strong for him to reject.

But he was still cautious.  He wanted to get back to Yeshua and the disciples as quickly as possible to see what was happening.  He still wanted to test his theory about the weakness he had found in him.  But, unless he uncovered something really dangerous at the last moment, he would take his chances and go ahead with the scheme to arrest him and put him to death.

Yes!  He would spit on that face and mock him and have him whipped within an inch of his life and cruelly pound those spikes into his hands and feet and watch that  precious blood spill on the ground and he would run him through with his death sword, that was his power, it would always be his, and he would drag this Yeshua, this so-called savior, this hated enemy off to the deepest dungeons of hell.  Yes! Yes!!   The desire within him screamed its joy in defiance at the heavens.

But the heavens were silent.

Lucifer spread his dark wings and flew off to the Mount of Olives to find Yeshua, cackling and cavorting in the air like a young novice, his normal restraint stripped away as the bloodlust began to take hold of him.


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The Temptations of the Cross by Bert A. Amsing
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