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Gabriel’s eyes pierced the darkness, searching for anything unusual, anything unexpected as he hovered above Yeshua and the disciples leaving the city.  The entire twelve legions of angelic warriors were on full alert.

Gethsemane.  That name would echo down the halls of time because of the drama played out there this very night.

It had started in a garden and it would end in a garden.

It was nothing more than a small estate really, part of the olive groves that grew on the Mount of Olives just across the Kedron Valley from Yerushalayim.  But it was there that Yeshua would face the great temptation that would determine the rise and fall of many and the eternal destiny of the world.

It was a small group that walked in two’s and three’s along the dirt road in the pitch dark of night, a few flickering torches lighting the way.  It was already after midnight and they needed to rest for the morrow.  Some of them had wondered if they should have waited for Judas, still unsure where he had gone.  But Judas knew the place to which they were going, since Yeshua had often met his disciples there.

Yeshua walked slowly up the hill toward the ancient grove of olive trees, burdened with a great sadness that concerned them all.  Simon Peter draped Yeshua’s arm around his own shoulders and put his arm around his back to give him some support, a frown on his face masking the deep worry he had for his Master.

Yochanan walked on the other side of Yeshua with his brother James, holding a torch high to light the path for Yeshua to see.

Finally, they came to the garden and while some of them began to gather wood to light a fire, others threw themselves down upon the ground exhausted.  In the cool, spring night they wrapped themselves in their cloaks to get a few hours sleep before the morning light would awaken them.

Yeshua motioned to Simon Peter and James and Yochanan, wanting them to accompany him off a little ways to have some privacy.

He said to the others, “Stay here while I pray.”


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The Temptations of the Cross by Bert A. Amsing
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