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Lucifer sat upon the tree in dumbfounded awe, his gaping mouth sucking in great gulps of air, his eyes wide and trance-like as he lusted after the purity and power of this temptation.

He did not understand why, but Yeshua was extremely upset.  Did he fear him?  He could not quite believe it, but he loved it nonetheless.

He watched in fascination as Yeshua struggled and trembled and great drops of blood and sweat fell from his forehead while in the throes of this terrible temptation.

It was a temptation that surpassed even his great liberating experience at the beginning of time.  After all, he had not fought it but rather embraced it and found his freedom.

Yeshua seemed to fight with the tenacious stubborness born of someone enslaved, someone who didn´t want freedom, but rather something else, something more.

What it was that Yeshua was fighting for escaped him, but it didn´t matter anyway.  All that mattered was the outcome, which was uncertain at best.


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The Temptations of the Cross by Bert A. Amsing
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Footnotes and references included in original manuscript.