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Lucifer had seen enough.

Yeshua would not fall to the temptation or the fear.  He would not turn away from the pain and suffering of Hell.  God was determined to have his warrior-church and Lucifer would get Yeshua in return.  Perhaps only for a short while, but long enough for him to drink his fill of the revenge he so craved.

He rose into the air, the bloodlust filling him with evil joy.  Now there was no turning back.  He and his demon hordes would feast upon the carcass of their hated enemy.

“Yesssss!  It is done.  It is done.”

His evil scream carried clearly to the demons moving into the Kedron Valley with the mob below them, their torches and lanterns reflecting grim and sweaty faces as they made their way through the darkness.

And the demons joined in with their own screams and cries of lust and depraved joy until the night was filled with the evil sound.


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The Temptations of the Cross by Bert A. Amsing
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Footnotes and references included in original manuscript.