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The tower rose from the fertile plains of Shinar to stand above mankind and draw their eyes upward, forever upward, toward heaven.

In the early morning hours, before the sun was strong enough to consume the mists that rose from the earth, the old man made his way down the mountainside, his donkey, laden with goods, following close behind.

His two companions walked behind the donkey, staffs in hand, robes billowing in the hot breeze that came up from the valley floor, but he led the way.  It would only be a few hours more and they would arrive at the center of the earth.

This great endeavor was the thinking of Nimrod, who was a mighty warrior and a builder of cities.  Now he was gone and Sargon, his firstborn, was in charge.  He was a man who got things done.  It seemed that everyone was working and toiling on the tower and the city surrounding it.

According to legend, this was the site of the original holy place in the heart of Mesopotamia.  It was the perfect place to create a gateway to heaven.


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The Tower of Babel by Bert A. Amsing
Excerpt from Tears of the Desert Warrior by Bert A. Amsing
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