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Solis had been watching.

When he realized that Onkelos was in danger, he had exploded from the side of the centurion in a bolt of light.

His veil lifted, his sword unsheathed, his brilliance blinding, he attacked with a vehemence that took them all by surprise.

Even Melanchor, who was watching from afar.

The demons fell back and Solis turned to attack the centurion with a flurry of half-formed, semi-hardened movements.  The centurion stumbled, and fell to the ground for a moment and Solis held him there.

It would only win them seconds, precious seconds, but it might be enough.  Onkelos had his opportunity and Solis could only hope that he would do something.  Beneath all that immense weight, he had the heart of a warrior.  Solis knew it.

He wasn’t planning to hurt the centurion.  Far from it.  The centurion was on their side after all.  He had been able to get this close to the action because of this believer, Marcus Slavius.

He had noticed the aura of light around him and had looked eagerly for his angelic shadow.  It was that one bright spot of light in the midst of the great evil mass of darkness that he had seen from above, beside Melanchor.

A quick signal and an equally quick conference with his angelic guardian and the strategy had been laid.   Nefron was his name and he had the authority to enter into the general’s tent right into the heart of the demonic meeting.

Solis would attach himself to Nefron and the centurion as another angelic guard.  It was not unheard of that someone of special importance had two angelic guardians but, still, he had to be careful.

He was inside with Nefron in a moment and realized immediately that he was in trouble.  The demonic prince standing behind General Vespasian was a being of immense power, specially chosen by Lucifer himself.  The stories told about him were legend, at least among this evil rabble.  Vespasian was more important than the angelic hosts realized.  And this evil prince would not be fooled by his ruse.  Solis had no authority in this place and was vulnerable to attack.

But Solis was only given a cursory glance and dismissed as if it were unimportant one way or the other.  They must know that his presence here was an indication that other angelic warriors were watching the camp.

They didn’t care.  That worried Solis even more.  If they were arrogant enough to flaunt their plans in his face, then things were progressing far too quickly.

He had to do something, stop them somehow.

What he heard from the general in the next few minutes shocked him to his core and suddenly he was very afraid for Onkelos.  It didn’t take long for his fears to be confirmed.

Solis had grown fond of this Greek proselyte and fierce in his protection.  Onkelos may not be a believer but he was under his charge.  For some reason he was important to his Lord and Master and now he was in danger.  There was too much at stake and Solis could not remain still.

When Vespasian drew his sword, Solis acted swiftly.


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The Temptations of the Cross by Bert A. Amsing
Copyright © 2012 by vanKregten Publishers. All rights reserved.
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Footnotes and references included in original manuscript.