A Genealogy of Grace

Steve Green is a talented musician and a Godly man who was a missionary son in Argentina where he grew up.  I wanted to share a little bit of his testimony with you.  He resented being a missionary kid and wanted to get back to the States as quickly as possible.  In his own words….

“I wanted to bury some things, run from some things, forget some things but I´ve discovered in the years that have followed that God is the author of all of our story.  It doesn´t mean that He is making us do things that are wrong choices along the way but He is present in all of our story.  He is writing a genealogy of grace, bringing us to a place where we have to have a redeemer to rescue us.  And through all the ups and downs and twists of life, He is doing something way beyond what we normally can see that will someday be for His glory and our good. So what I resented so much early on, I now treasure.  Those are the things that brought me to Jesus and continue to bring me to Jesus….”

Now, of course, he has a worldwide music and worship ministry and has sung and given testimony to the grace of God in his life in every Spanish speaking country in the world.  PTL.

The Desert Warrior

Quoted from Giving Thanks, A Homecoming Video by Bill and Gloria Gaither.  Copyright © 2010 Spring House Productions, Inc.™    All rights reserved.
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