Desert Warrior Ministries is a life ministry of prayer, encouragement and service to others through writing/speaking and drawing/painting in English and Spanish.

Desert Warrior Ministries is co-founded by Bert and Veronica Amsing.  They live with their children, Melanie and Michelle, in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Desert Warrior Ministries seeks to provide materials and resources for spreading the good news through a focus on the distinctiveness of Christianity in the context of respect and care for all people.

All materials written by Bert A. Amsing will be made available to anyone free of charge in the form of an ebook delivered in installments over a period of time.  A “Sign up” form is on the website to facilitate this service.  THIS SERVICE IS FOR COMPLETE BOOKS AND STORIES BUT DELIVERED IN INSTALLMENTS OVER TIME.

All materials posted on this website may be shared through facebook, twitter and personal blogs so long as proper credit is given (including a copyright notice) and a link back to this website is provided.  THE WEBSITE/BLOG MAY HAVE SOME COMPLETE SHORT STORIES BUT NOT COMPLETE BOOKS.  The idea of the website is to give a sampling of different books and stories that are available for sale.

Many people will simply read the material on the website/blog and, hopefully, share it with others.  But some people will want to take the next step and become partners with our ministry.  There is a sign up form on the website.  There are four levels of involvement in DWM ministries.

1.  Prayer Partners – Read.  Pray.  Share.  (Goal: 500 Prayer Partners)

A Prayer Partner may or may not purchase anything from DWM.  That´s not a problem.  We are far more interested in your prayers.  Read the material on the website/blog and sign up for the free ebook in installments.  Whenever you interact with us, please say a prayer for our ministry.  If you believe in what we are doing, please SHARE DWM (at least once) with someone else.

These three suggestions will provide you with an ONGOING connection to DWM:

  • Follow the Blog via Email.  Sign up form on the sidebar.  This will keep you informed of any new posts directly in your email.
  • Like (and Follow) the DWM Facebook page.  Sign up form on the sidebar.  This will keep you in the know about Events, News and People related to DWM.
  • Follow @desertwarrior3 Twitter Feed.  Sign up form on the sidebar.  This will provide you with the latest up to date news and quotes from the website.  Please retweet and mark as favorite each one of the tweets you receive from Desert Warrior Ministries.

These suggestions will help you to SHARE and PROMOTE DWM to others:

  • LIKE a post/page.  At the bottom of each post or page is a button that allows you to indicate that you LIKE that particular post or page.  It is specific only to that post but it helps the search engines to give the website a higher ranking based on the value of its content.  Please LIKE as many pages that you LIKE, assuming that you do, in fact, LIKE them.
  • SHARE a post/page on YOUR Facebook or Twitter page.  These buttons are also on the bottom of each post or page and allows you to share the content of that particular post or page with others.  A proper copyright notice (provided at the bottom of each post) and a link back to this website will automatically be included.
  • PRESS THIS allows you to publish this post or page on your own blog.  That button is also on the bottom of each post/page.  This tool will also include the proper copyright and back link to this website.  So relax and enjoy.

For more information, check out the HOW TO PROMOTE page under the “About” menu.  Hopefully, that will answer all your questions.

2.  Ministry Partners – Buy. Pray. Promote  (Goal: 70 Ministry Partners)

A Ministry Partner is also a Prayer Partner.  Please read the entry above for specific suggestions on how to stay connected and to share DWM with others.

A Ministry Partner has purchased something, an ebook, a traditional book, an audio book.  This includes anyone who has decided to pre-buy a book on the FaithLauncher.com website.  There is no tax reciept available for those who make a purchase or pre-buy a book on the crowdfunding platform.

A Ministry Partner prays monthly and promotes regularly (rather than just once).

3.  Angel Partner – Donate. Pray. Engage  (Goal: 12 Angel Partners)

An Angel Partner is also a Ministry Partner and Prayer Partner.  Prayer is essential.  Please see above for suggestions on how to stay connected and share/promote DWM.

An Angel Partner desires to DONATE towards the DWM wish list or a specific project (available on request).  This donation will be done through a third party 501 (c) charity called Star Ministry who will provide a US tax receipt for the donor.  No products will be provided for the donation (since it is complicated for the charity).  Donations of time and effort for specific social networking or internet marketing campaigns as a joint venture with DWM is very much appreciated.  Funds may be limited or unavailable from DWM for these joint venture campaigns.  Please enquire.

An Angel Partner also desires to ENGAGE with Desert Warrior Ministries on a more regular weekly basis through ongoing promotion and involvement.

4.  DWM Ministry Team – Invest. Pray. Participate  (Goal: 3 Person Ministry Team)

A DWM Ministry Team member is also a Prayer Partner and Ministry Partner.  They may or may not be an Angel Partner but they do invest their time, money and effort on a daily basis to promote and develop Desert Warrior Ministries.

Application must be made for this volunteer position.  Expertise in social networking, internet marketing and/or graphic design would be helpful.

Ministry Leaders are Bert and Veronica Amsing.


Copyright © 2012 by vanKregten Publishers.  All rights reserved.
www.desertwarrior.net    info@desertwarrior.net
Footnotes and references included in original manuscript.

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  1. I like what I have read so far, Bret And Veronica I with be with you in prayer. This night I have a lot of things going on I need to get going I help with a youth group. These boys are not like your average church youth they all on the edge of some really bad things. James

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