Berto and His Good Ideas – by Magaly Rodriguez (Basic Level) Translated by Blaine Ray
For true beginners.  Short and easy and very amusing.

Berto is an eleven-year-old boy who lives in Madrid, Spain.  His best friend is Paquita.  Poor Berto has one big problem.  He does not like school.  He does not like to study.  He does not like to do homework.  Besides, his teachers are really strange.

Fortunately, Berto has a lot of good ideas.  He thinks of many fun and exciting things to do rather than going to school.  His good ideas include visiting a soccer stadium and an art museum with his friend Paquita.  Berto also thinks about eating delicious pastries at a bakery and rowing a boat in a park.  Berto thinks these are good ideas.  In fact, he thinks they are great ideas.  Are they really?

Chapter Six – Berto and the Spectacular School

Well, I have to be sincere.  I am a fabulous soccer player.  I am artistic and I am very strong.  I loved going to the Bernabeu Stadium.  I loved meeting the famous soccer player whose name is Raul.

I also loved the Reina Sofia Museum.  I loved looking at the paintings done by famous painters.

I also loved going to Retiro Park.  I loved rowing a boat in the lake.  I did not love the frog jumping in my face but I loved rowing in the lake.  They were good experiences.  They were good ideas.  Yes, they were good ideas.

But I miss school.  For me that is really wierd.  I miss my crazy teachers.  I miss Spanish class and math class.  I miss science class and history class.  I miss Mr. Flower and Mr. Stuart.  I miss those crazy teachers.  School is not so boring.  It is not as boring as I thought.

I want to learn about famous painters.  I want to learn about nutrition.  I want to learn about nutrition so I won’t throw up the next time I eat pastries.  I want to learn about animals so that frogs won’t scare me.  I want to learn many things.  I want to study and I want to work.  I want to be even smarter than I am now.  Yes, it is true.

I also want to spend time with my friends at school.  I want to play with my friends.  I want to talk to my friends.  I miss my friends.  I miss Juan and Paul.  I also miss Isabel.  I like spending time with my friends at school.

I now think differently.  I think school is not boring.  I think school is not horrible.  I think school is not terrible.  In reality, school is fun.  School is fantastic.  School is fabulous .  Yes, it is true.


  1.  Who is a fabulous soccer player?
  2. Who is artistic?
  3. Who went to Bernabeu Stadium?
  4. What is the name of the soccer player that Berto met?
  5. What did Berto see in the Reina Sofia Museum?
  6. What did Berto do at Retiro Park?
  7. What jumped on Berto’s face?
  8. Did Berto love rowing in the lake?
  9. Who misses school?
  10. What does Berto miss about school?
  11. Does Berto want to learn about famous painters?
  12. Who wants to learn about nutrition?
  13. Why does Berto want to learn about animals?
  14. Why does Berto want to spend time with his friends?
  15. How does Berto think differently?

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