Better to have loved and lost…

It is better to have loved and lost then never to have loved at all.

God would agree.

Hence, the world, you and me.

Hence, continuing evil and rebellion without immediate judgment.

Hence, grace (undeserved favor).

Hence, the cross (God sized love).

Hence, glory revealed in us.

Hence, superlapsarianism and, even, an answer to evil and suffering.

(If that last one doesn´t throw you, it should……)

Our God is a romantic sort

but with the tough love of a parent

who understands reality,

human nature

and the power of confession, repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation

as rooted in the cross.

Love the Lord, your God,

with ALL your heart,

ALL your soul,

ALL your mind

and ALL your strength.

How could it be otherwise?

This, too, is the glory of God that He requires, and deserves, our ALL.

Thank God



The Desert Warrior

Reflections by Bert A. Amsing
Copyright © 2012 by vanKregten Publishers.  All rights reserved.