Beyond Survival

For some that is enough.  Survival is their only consideration.  For many others, it is not.  For two reasons.  First, they recognize the power of unity (and the destructive force of disunity) in the affairs of men, either for good or for evil.  Enter Government or Society.

There are often many barriers to survival that come because of the oppression of evil men and systems of government.  But there is also an awareness that together more can be done than any individual can accomplish on their own.

Creating an ethical society that works for a common purpose and for the good of everyone is exceedingly difficult but, at least in limited ways in smaller venues, we have had enough experience of the power of unity and synergy to know that it holds promise.

So, how we govern ourselves as a group is important to our individual survival.

But even if survival is accomplished to a degree (though there will always be suffering, pain and death), for many people it is still not enough.

This is the second reason.  People need to make sense of this strange existence.  They need answers beyond suffering, pain and death.  They want to do more than survive (though death makes even that only a temporary accomplishment).  They want to flourish and develop and accomplish great things.  Enter religion (and philosophy).

A religious (or philosophical) interpretation of the world (or worldview) will attempt to provide a system of beliefs and values that will make sense out of a world which appears at first glance to make no sense.

Morality may be necessary and may even be (to a limited extent) in our own best interest (although morality by definition goes beyond our best interest).

But good is not always rewarded and evil is not always punished in this world.  Often it is the reverse.

What goes on here?


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