Temptations - Book 1:

The Beginning of the End

Jerusalem, 66 A.D., six years before the Temple and the Holy City are destroyed by the Romans. The Jewish rebels have won a victory against the Roman legions from Syria. In the midst of the celebration only the Rabbi Gamaliel, once the teacher of the Apostle Paul, has remembered General Vespasian and his army in Egypt.

He has sent Onkelos, his most faithful student, to spy on the Romans and to put to rest the rumors of an impending invasion. The message he brings back plunges Gamaliel into a crisis that rocks the very foundation of his faith.


Prologue - The Prayer of Onkelos

Chapter One - Death of a Warrior

Chapter Two - The Old Man in the Temple

Chapter Three - Memories from the Past

Chapter Four - Battle Over Jerusalem

Chapter Five - Passover in the Holy City


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