A Conversation with God 4

“Why are you weeping?”  I said. He turned his head slightly to look at me and then turned back to […]

A Conversation with God 5

“Adam and Eve wanted to be like you, knowing good and evil.  Why is that so bad?” “Because those are […]

Building the Tower

What is becoming evident is that the tower is being built strong and tall, the foundations have been laid and […]

Is Freud for Real?

In the meantime, Freud would suggest that this “illusion” called religion may be a necessary evil but it certainly isn’t […]

The Evil Within

But that is the essence of the ongoing debate. If it isn’t true, then how can it be comforting?  We have to believe the […]

The Moral Gap

Yet, here also, we find a “gap” – the moral gap. We experience a world in which “good” is not […]

Morality as a Limit to our Wills

Morality is the “ought” that relates the self to others (although we will come to see that there is a […]

Corporate Defense Mechanisms

In that sense, both of these men would postulate that one of the key “corporate” defense mechanisms developed by society […]

Individual Defense Mechanisms

It would appear that the “self” in that context needs to develop some self-protection from others, some self-justification for the pursuit of […]

The Secular Worldview

Today, the Secular Humanists (backed by their scientific metaphysics) would claim that “science fully reflects what is real”.  The world can be […]