A Conversation with God 4

“Why are you weeping?”  I said. He turned his head slightly to look at me and then turned back to […]

A Conversation with God 5

“Adam and Eve wanted to be like you, knowing good and evil.  Why is that so bad?” “Because those are […]

Finding Life in the Face of Death

The problem with taking a leap of faith is the falling.  That feeling that everything is out of control, that […]

Man´s Search for Meaning

What is interesting is that even many secular philosophers believe that this is the best place to ask the hard […]

Meaning Beyond Finality

These words are inspiring.  This perspective on life is genuine.  Who can resist the call to become a “god” over […]

An Alternative Approach

Rather than trying to become “gods” ourselves, we may want to consider an alternative approach and seek out the true […]

The True Purpose of Death

There is one thing in which the philosophers are exactly right.  It is when we face the finality and finitude of our […]