Whispers of the Desert Warrior – "A Conversation with Jesus"

“Why are you weeping?”  I said.

He turned his head slightly to look at me and then turned back to look into the night sky. He was seated on a log freshly cut down. “My children have been snatched away.  They are in grave danger.  Most of them I will never get back.”  He sighed deeply.  “I know each one of them by name.”  His voice was a whisper in the night air.

“What do you mean snatched away?  They were kidnapped?”

“In a way of speaking.”  His back was still turned toward me, the side of his face visible in the light of the full moon.

Scientific Creationism

That is the greatest discovery of the last thirty to fifty years – the discovery of ourselves, our true motives, our real assumptions.  No longer do we live in a world where the naturalistic, atheistic view of life is taken for granted.  No longer can anyone merely assume that God is not there.

The “predisposition against the supernatural” has been exposed to scientific scrutiny and found wanting.  Atheists are becoming agnostics and many have become theists, biblical theists, embracing the God of the Bible.  Science is thinking more clearly, discerning between science itself, and the philosophy, and even theology, of the scientist.

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