Scientific Creationism

That is the greatest discovery of the last thirty to fifty years – the discovery of ourselves, our true motives, […]

A Conversation with God 10

“So, the intelligence and design of the universe gives men pause to think.  Good.  Anything else, son of Adam?” “Well, […]

The Origin of Life

If the remarkable coincidences that make up the parameters or context for life on our world are amazing, the actual […]

A Conversation with God 9

“There is the argument from the appearance of life on our planet and the exact circumstances that had to appear […]

A Conversation with God 8

“I think you have something more than traces and clues,” he said. “Maybe so,” I said.  “At first glance it […]

The Discovery of Eternity

One of the key aspects of the Big Bang theory is the discovery of eternity. Not everyone would use that […]

A Conversation with God 7

“Tell me about these traces and clues and traces of clues,” he said. “Well, many people believe that creation itself […]

From Nothing to Something

Until recently, most people believed that the universe was infinite and held the potential for life everywhere. The laws of […]

A Conversation with God 6

“There isn’t much direct evidence for you, you know.”  I said.  “I mean all we have are traces and clues.” […]