The Holiness Project – Day 20 "Magic Blue Jeans"

The story that I am about to tell you isn’t true. I wish it was. The only excuse I can give you is to blame it on my blue jeans. My magic blue jeans.
Which is to say, if you don’t believe in the reality of God, then it is easy to blame the difficulties of life or credit the beauty of life to a magic cup, a special ring, the stars….or even a pair of magic blue jeans. On the other hand, if it really is God intervening in our lives, invading our space, expecting to be heard, well, then….that’s another story all together.
When God uses you to intervene in the lives of people, anything can happen…and that’s what makes life interesting and our lives significant. Who cares about making money, having a large house, getting to the top of your career ladder? Once you’ve tasted the gift of significance that the Lord can give you, being involved in the transformation of the human heart, there is no going back.