The Holiness Project – Day 8 "Spiritual Sin"

We have been talking about the Sanctification Gap, that chasm between the holiness and perfect love of God as seen in His justice and mercy on the one hand, and the depths of our sin, our selfishness, our inability to love ourselves, much less God or anyone else on the other. That Sanctification Gap continues even after we have been justified by grace through the blood of Jesus Christ. In fact, precisely because it is a substitution, that it isn’t our righteousness, the gap exists because we are not made immediately perfect in love. Our Sanctification is progressive. But that gap between our Justification and our Sanctification also creates a credibility gap, both in our own eyes as well as in the eyes of other people. And so it should. It is a necessary part of our situation as Christians.

The Holiness Project – Day 9 "Spiritual Perspective"

This little story is making the rounds on the internet and on facebook. I love it. It’s a wonderful way to describe our situation as we live in darkness and grow and prepare for our delivery. It is very well done. But the metaphor isn’t perfect and I would like to improve it a little bit. Let’s talk about the umbilical cord….
So, the two babies are there in the womb but one has an umbilical cord and is fed by her mother but the other one is dead and withered in the womb (but still able to talk and discuss and “pretend” that it is alive when it is really quite dead). The metaphor is already starting to get ugly but it is closer to the truth.

The Holiness Project – Day 20 "Magic Blue Jeans"

The story that I am about to tell you isn’t true. I wish it was. The only excuse I can give you is to blame it on my blue jeans. My magic blue jeans.
Which is to say, if you don’t believe in the reality of God, then it is easy to blame the difficulties of life or credit the beauty of life to a magic cup, a special ring, the stars….or even a pair of magic blue jeans. On the other hand, if it really is God intervening in our lives, invading our space, expecting to be heard, well, then….that’s another story all together.
When God uses you to intervene in the lives of people, anything can happen…and that’s what makes life interesting and our lives significant. Who cares about making money, having a large house, getting to the top of your career ladder? Once you’ve tasted the gift of significance that the Lord can give you, being involved in the transformation of the human heart, there is no going back.