“The Parable of the Religious Slave” – The Holiness Project – Day 22

When I think about repentance, I am always aware of that parable about the talents found in Matthew 25.  I call it the Parable of the Religious Slave and you will see why in a moment.  Do you remember the story?

The Master gives ten talents to one person and he makes ten talents more.  Well done.  He gives five talents to someone else and she makes five more.  Good job.  But then he gives one talent to the third servant who buries it in the ground and, when the Master returns from his long journey, this third servant gives it back to him.  But the Master is angry.

Why do you think the Master got angry?

The Holiness Project – Day 30 "Spiritual Warfare"

Uuggghh! It was so frustrating talking to this woman.
Of course I didn’t let it show and my smile was more or less genuine but the truth still lingered in the corners of my eyes.
It was like I surrounded myself with these people, misfits and homeless and emotionally unstable and even a bit crazy. I started to tick them off in my mind one by one. Charlie, Leticia, Silvana, Fernando….
I said goodbye and started to walk away thinking about my life and how I had gotten here, to this place surrounded by difficult people everywhere I looked.

The Holiness Project – Day 26 "Hard Questions for Elders"

By now you must realize that when the Bible talks of ministry, it includes you. Perhaps you aren’t the Pastor or a teacher of the Word, but you are involved in ministry. Through your life, through your spiritual conversations, through your spiritual gifts, you have a ministry. A Life Ministry. Your discipleship is practical. And it is likely that at some point your efforts will be recognized as useful in the role of an elder or deacon in the church. Before you embark on that journey, I have a few questions for you.

The Holiness Project – Day 29 "Revealing the Glory"

He goes on to talk about the “glory” that each of us has, and that it is essential to God´s plans that we reveal that glory, live in that glory and share that glory with others. I would add that the “glory” is not only our creational gifts and abilities, but, first of all, our redemptive glory in Christ. The creational integrated into and providing the real world context for the redemptive. The redemptive empowering and focusing the creational.