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Confess Your Sins One to Another

One of the greatest failures of the modern church in the last 150 years is the emphasis on the love of God to the exclusion of His justice.  That´s why we don´t talk about sin or judgment or hellfire and brimstone.  It is a...

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God Esteem

We don´t need more self-esteem but, rather, God-esteem, the true self-esteem. Esteemed by God in Christ, through the gift of the Holy Spirit. The Desert Warrior

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The Three Truths of Holiness

The first truth of a holy life is that the abundant life of full surrender and consecration to His service is the NORMAL Christian life (which includes unconscious and unintentional sin and pollution of sin lived in humility in...

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Our Miracle Baby

Good morning, Lord.  Thank you for another day to reveal the glory of your character in us.  I have to say that I feel a bit like Abraham and Sarah getting their miracle child at 99 years old.  Thank you for the generosity of...

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The Gift of Significance

Good morning, Lord.  Thank you for another day.  Thank you for the story that I wrote last night.  I haven’t decided yet whether I like it as a story but I wish it were true, that you would use me for your glory to make a...

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Cruel Innocence

“The difference between innocence and virtue is that virtue knows better.” Anonymous Innocence is beautiful but children can also be cruel. Virtue is not automatic. It is chosen with eyes wide open in the face of...

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Here lies Bert Alexander Amsing 1959-2035 Husband, Father, Child of God Created For His Pleasure “My grace is sufficient for you…” His one desire in life was to please God. He failed miserably. His efforts were...

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The Immortality Debate

JW shared Freedom From Religion Foundation’s photo. “I cannot believe in the immortality of the soul. . . . I am an aggregate of cells, as, for instance, New York City is an aggregate of individuals. Will New York City go...

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