Day Four (Pre-Launch)

Good morning, Lord.  Thank you for another beautiful day in the Desert.  The water has gone down and the sun is shining again.  The streets were flooded last night worse than ever and Michelle and I had to wade through the water to get home after AWANA.  Crazy!  But it didn´t get into the house so thank you for that.  Lord, be with those in Tigre and the Delta region who had flooded homes and ruined furniture and destroyed houses.  Most homes are built up and the water doesn´t get in but the poor seem to be affected the most.  Lord, help us as a community to help those in need.

Lord, thank you for the great talk I had yesterday with Fernando about our crowdfunding campaign.  The more I think about it, the more I like the vision of DWM that you have given me.  I would love to have the freedom and resources to dedicate myself full time to creating and packaging (videos, tutorials, books, ppt presentations) the message you have given me.  Thank you, Lord, for giving me the gifts and abilities to do this work for you and the furtherance of your kingdom.  Thank you for Vero´s gifts of painting and drawing which compliment mine so well.  Thank you for our partnership and love for each other and you.  That alone is priceless.

Lord, there are so many things to do before we launch the campaign that I feel overwhelmed.  I´m not sure what to do about the video or how to edit it or even what to say.  Should we do it in Spanish as well?  Also the copyright permission issue is intimidating and I have so many questions that I don´t know the answers to.  The learning curve right now is very steep.  Everything seems to cost money and a lot of decisions need to be made.

Lord, give us peace in the chaos.  Remind us that we get to live forever and that you actually like us (and love us).  These are the things that matter.  You are our Provider and Protector.  Give us the wisdom to make good decisions and help us to stay in the center of your will.  Thank you for this adventure of grace.  We know that therre are things that we can learn about you only here and now in the context of the Desert and we know that the things we do here (or don´t do) can have an eternal impact on ourselves, our loved ones and the people we know in terms of salvation and rewards.  We belong to you and, in the end, that is all that matters.  In your name I pray.  Amen

The Desert Warrior

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