Day Six (Pre-Launch)

Good morning, Lord.  Thank you for another beautiful day in the Desert.  Thank you for the great meeting with Fernando yesterday.  I would like to get to know him better.  I pray for his ministry and, Lord, I pray that you would give him favor in the eyes of his key supporters and clients.  I pray that his life and ministry would reflect the glory of the cross.  Thank you for his help in getting DWM started.  We had a good discussion about rewards and it looks like we are close to a solution.  Lord, our goal is to get your message out to as many people as possible.  We need resources and prayer and promotion and donations.  Give DWM favor in the eyes of your people, O Lord.

Lord, we decided on a modest goal of $5,000 US but we know that you can bless us far beyond what we can think or imagine.  We need about $3,000 US of that money to fulfill the rewards and the other $2,000 US will be used to translate the book into Spanish and begin to create the ebook, audiobook and printed book in that language.  Lord, we pray boldly for $150,000 US in order to launch DWM full time and to write and prepare materials for relational evangelism, distinctive apologetics and radical discipleship in the context of repentance.  Every day, Lord, it seems that you give me ideas and thoughts that I want to study furtherand reflect on and pray about and finally put down in writing.  I pray that you would use this crowdfunding process to do more than publish a book.  I pray that you would use it to launch DWM (including vanKregten Publishers, the publishing arm).  Thank you, Lord, for giving us a life ministry that will reveal the glory of your grace in our lives.

Lord, today I have to put the project presentation together and make a first attempt at the video introduction.  I´m not sure what to say.  I pray that you would give me the words to speak to communicate what you have done in my life and the vision of what you want to do with DWM through Vero and I.  Lord, I need clarity of thought, creative ideas and a mind open to your priorities, agenda, purposes and passion.  I am not convinced that I am the best choice for this endeavor, but you have chosen me and given me these ideas, this message, and the desire to make it happen for your glory.  Thank you for the opportunity to be useful to you and even though I can´t take the credit for what you have done in me and through me, I certainly can enjoy it and wonder at how you take our impossibilities and make them your instruments for transforming lives.  Your creation “ex nihlo” (out of nothing) continues even today.  Lord, I belong to you.  In your name, I pray.  Amen.

The Desert Warrior

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