Day Sixteen (Pre-Launch)

Good morning, Lord.  Thank you for another day in the paradise of your favor.  We may live in the desert but our hearts are in the promised land with you.  Thank you, Lord for being our promise.  It was a great day yesterday and I felt like I got a lot done.  Some days it´s like pulling teeth and other days it seems to flow.  A lot of pressure right now, Lord, because the deadline is coming up on the weekend and we have a lot left to do.

We need to finalize the headers and banners and the book covers and the book trailer and video introduction and then translate it all into Spanish.  I actually like doing this work, Lord.  I´m a bit surprised.  I find that the whole internet marketing and social networking area is comfortable and interesting.  Thank you for this niche in which to serve you.

Lord, I have to admit that I am putting off the emails that I need to send to family and friends.  I have to choose 12 to 15 that I believe will be early supporters and make a donation within the first week to help break the ice and help create some momentum.  I am afraid of rejection and of being misunderstood.

Lord, I know these creational level things need to be done and they can´t be avoided and I also know that you most often work through our efforts and through natural law and through creational means.  So there is no point in asking for a miracle if I am not willing to do the work that you set before me.

On the other hand, we are talking about the human heart.  Lord, help me to communicate clearly and with grace so that I can demonstrate and reveal your grace in my life.  Help me to trust you.  Since I am in your will and I belong to you, body and soul, I can rely on your promises and power and presence to be with me through this whole process.

I know it doesn´t mean that everything will be easy or automatic.  That´s not the normal way you get things done.  But I do ask for your blessings on this ministry which belongs to you.  I ask you to watch every step that I take and help me not to misstep because of my ignorance or flesh.  I ask you to give me and this ministry favor in the eyes of your people.

Bring on board ministry partners who will see the importance of early support and continued support.  Bring on board prayer partners who understand the importance of sustaining our efforts in prayer before your throne as a way of establishing the value of the work you are doing through us.  Bring on board angel partners who are generous with the resources that you have given them and move their hearts to make some of their time and resources available for this ministry so that we can not only launch the book but the ministry full-time as well.

Lord, I belong to you.  In your name, I pray.  Amen.

The Desert Warrior

The Adventure of Grace by Bert A. Amsing
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