Day Twelve (Pre-Launch)

Good morning, Lord.  Thank you for another beautiful day in the desert with you.  It has been a busy morning already.  Thank you for the great coaching with Fernando.  The project pitch is almost done and the rewards are in place.  We even worked out a way to do it in English and Spanish.  Thank you, Lord.  The book trailer and video intro is in full swing.  Vero´s friend agreed to help us with the video.  Lord, help me to demonstrate your grace to him.  He is not very interested in you but I take this situation as an opportunity to show (and perhaps say) something that may move him in the right direction.  Perhaps it´s nothing more than building the relationship at this point.  I pray for your wisdom and anointing, Lord.

The song that Petra found for the video is perfect, Lord.  It certainly speaks to me and it isn´t too preachy or obviously worship music, much better for this kind of book.  Thank you, Lord.  I receive it as a gift from you.

The learning curve is still quite steep, Lord, and I want to do things in such a way as to please you.  After all, without your anointing, none of it matters.  Copyright and royalties and attribution for images and songs is very difficult to figure out.  It´s not so clearcut as I thought.  I don´t even mind paying a royalty or giving attribution.  That isn´t a problem.  It´s getting the right information and knowing how to process everything.  Lord, help me to find solutions to all of these issues.  Thank you for your guidance.

There´s always so much to do in the house, Lord.  What with the dishes, the laundry and the cleaning, I can keep busy for hours.  I am a house author (rather than a housewife).  And then with the evening classes and, next week, starting with daytime classes, there won´t be much time anymore for any of this.  How will it keep going?  How will I find the time to write much less keep the crowdfunding campaign going?  Lord, without your intervention, nothing will happen.  Thank you for your favor, Lord.  What I know for sure is that I belong to you.  In your name, I pray.  Amen.

The Desert Warrior

The Adventure of Grace by Bert A. Amsing
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