Day Two (Pre-Launch)

Tuesday, Sept. 18, 2012

Good morning, Lord.  Thank you for another day.  It´s day two of the pre-launch for the crowdfunding campaign which we hope to start on Oct. 1, 2012.  Thank you, Lord, for making this possible.  I want to pray bold prayers for our DWM ministry and ask you to bless us with support, prayers, promotion and finances beyond what we can think or imagine.  Lord, I will certainly also get a benefit (and my family) but this ministry is about following your lead and doing your will.  We know that you will give us what is good for us in terms of our walk with you.  I pray specifically that you would use this process to bring the necessary funds to deal with our financial challenges as well as the money to work on the books full time.  I know that our goal is 10K USD but I pray for 150K USD which would decisively launch DWM as well.  DWM would become an online resource for relational evangelism, distinctive apologetics and radical discipleship.  Thank you, Lord, for these great ideas.  I pray that Vero and I would be found worthy of revealing your glory.

Lord, for some reason, today we had the most views of the website ever for one day.  I´m not sure why.  We haven´t really launched it yet and I am still working out the kinks.  I´ve tried to post a few things to facebook and twitter but I still don´t know what I´m doing.  We haven´t even tried to do any SEO work or optimize the website.  And still, we get views from all over the world…..

I don´t know if this is normal or not, Lord, but I believe that you sent each and every one of them to our blog/website and I pray that the material and truth that they encounter there would change their lives forever.  Lord, you know that the human heart is the most difficult thing to penetrate and change.  Only you can do it but you have chosen to use our lives and our words as the means (rooted in your word) to get the truth out.  But it is still your Holy Spirit that takes that truth and convicts the heart of sin and brings people to the foot of the cross.  Lord, use these words on this site to transform hearts all around the world.  That is our prayer.  In Jesus´name I pray.  Amen

The Desert Warrior

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