The Holiness Project – Day 33 "The Anointed Leader"

THE WAY OF THE CROSSThe Holiness Project – The Anointed Leader

The Holiness Project – “The Anointed Leader”

The Anointed Leader by Ransomed Heart Ministries
Thank you for that beautiful discussion on The Anointed Leader… are defining leadership in relational terms rather than competency or even character/morality first of all.
What does it mean to walk with God?  What does spiritual maturity mean?  How can you tell whether or not someone is anointed or not?
What happens if a leader is in a leadership position but is not anointed?  How do you minister to them?
Lots of questions.  Your ministry is focused on restoration ministries.  How would you minister to people who have been destroyed in their ministry by their lack of walk with God.
I would not assume that it means that they are NOT anointed just because they were publicly exposed….the real test is what they do about it.
It may have been a severe ministry designed to deepen their spiritual authority and to give them a more powerful anointing.
Just a few thoughts.
Bert Amsing.
The Desert Warrior