The Holiness Project – Day 38 "Leadership Questionaire"

THE WAY OF THE CROSSThe Holiness Project – Leadership Questionaire

The Holiness Project – “Leadership Questionaire”

Beyond the general maturity in Christ expected from all leaders, a few more questions might reveal the beliefs and values they hold on to when the going gets rough.  Many other questions could be added, but these get to the essence of whether or not this potential leader is ready for spiritual warfare and has some idea of what the strategic and tactical plan of God is in the context of the church.

1.  Is it possible for a leader of the church, one who truly loves God and has good intentions, to make fundamental and dangerous mistakes in morality, life and spiritual management of the church and be blind to it?      yes/no

2.  Which things are essential for every Christian (and even more so for a leader) to protect them from the ignorance, blindness and willfulness of the flesh?

  • the conviction and ministry of the Holy Spirit within,
  • the knowledge and ongoing application of the Word of God,
  • the fellowship (and accountability) of a group of mature and wise believers,
  • all of the above.

3.  Do you believe that there is a spiritual battle going on for the hearts and minds of every believer (including your own) and for the church as a whole with a particular focus on the leadership?     yes/no

4.  Do you believe that a leader of the church, including the Pastor, has the right and responsibility on their own to prohibit the use of a believer´s gifts in ministry within the church based on a general lack of maturity in the believer as judged by that same leader?      yes/no

5.  Do you believe that a leader of the church, including the Pastor, has the right and responsibility on their own to prohibit the presence of a believer (or non-believer) in the church for any reason or any sin whatsoever (other than temporarily because of an immediate physical threat of danger to themselves or others)?    yes/no

6.  When do you think it is appropriate to spiritually and publicly confront a leader, if ever?  How should a leader act when he is confronted in that way?  When is a rebuke spiritual and when is it an expression of the flesh?  Is our reaction to sin and flesh in others as deadly as the sin itself that we are offended by?

7.  What (and who) are you willing to fight for?  You can either have the status quo or the abundant life, but you can´t have both (until you arrive in Heaven).  What do you believe is the bottom line for the church?  When will you stand up and be counted, at least in an ultimate, defensive manner (since a proactive approach is what is really needed)?

Finally, is the job of the leaders to defend the church or to defend the gospel?  And no, those are not the same thing.  They are supposed to be, but they´re not.  Sadly.  If we defend the gospel, we defend the church.  If we defend the church, (most often from unsavory characters such as prophets or the least, the last, the lost and the losers) we may, in fact, be hindering the gospel.

Send me a comment with the answers you would give.  Privacy assured unless permission is given.  Pray.  Think.  Share.

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