I'm Something Special – Children's Day 2016

I’m Something Special

Calaway Street Puppet Ministry

Jodi: (singing)  I’m something special.  I’m the only one of my kind…
Ricky:  You’re driving me crazy!!  Stop making so much noise already…
Jodi: (singing)  I’m something special ´cause my Momma told me so….
Ricky:  You´re NOT something special, you’re just LOUD and you sound like a cat having babies….
Jodi:  That’s not very nice.  Besides, my Momma says I’m special.  I sing like an angel.  I dance like a ballerina and I’m bee-aa-uutiful too.
Ricky:  You sing like a cat.  You dance like a fairy and you´re ugly as the back of a bus you mean…(laughing)
Jodi:  (angry)  MOOOMM, Ricky is being mean to me again… (she leaves)
Ricky:  That shut her up good! (ha ha)
Mr. Grace:  Where is Jodi going?  She was going to help me in my garden today…
Ricky:  Oh, hello Mr. Gracce.  I dunno.  She got mad and went home, I guess…
Mr. Grace:  Why did she get mad, Ricky?  Did you have anything to do with it?
Ricky:  Well, not really….   I dunno.  Maybe a little, I guess.
Mr. Grace:  A little or a lot?
Ricky:  A lot…..I guess.  (silence)  I was pretty mean, I suppose.  (silence).  Well, she got me mad always singing  “I’m something special.  I can dance.  I can sing.  I’m bee-aa-uutiful.”  It was terrible….
Mr. Grace:  You were jealous, then?
Ricky:  Jealous?  Me?  No way.  I don’t dance or sing and I certainly don’t want to be bee-aa-uutiful.  Ugh.  Ack.  Yikes (he shivers).
Mr. Grace:  (laughing)  I guess not.  But you’re pretty good at baseball and I saw you doing tricks on your skateboard earlier.
Ricky:  Yeah, I guess I’m good at some things but I don’t go around saying “I’m something special” all the time and making everybody else feel like they’re nothing…
Mr. Grace:  Is that how you feel, Ricky?  Like nothing?
Ricky:  I dunno.  Sometimes, I guess.
Mr. Grace:  Does your Mom ever tell you that you’re something special?
Ricky:  No way, that’s girl stuff….besides I’m too old for that baby nonsense.
Mr. Grace:  Sounds to me like you’re a bit jealous of Jodi.
Ricky:  No, I’m not Mr. Grace.  Honest.  It just bugs me, all her singing and attitude and stuff.
Mr. Grace:  You said some mean things, Ricky.  I heard something about the back of a bus?
Ricky:  Yeah, that was a good one (ha ha)
Mr. Grace:  Do you want to know what God thinks of Jodi?
Ricky:  Sure, Mr. Grace.  I guess so….but I’m pretty sure the Bible doesn’t mention Jodi.
Mr. Grace:  You might be surprised….
Ricky:  But God loves everybody so it’s no big deal…
Mr. Grace:  No big deal….?  God thinks Jodi is so important and special that He was willing to die for her….
Ricky:  You mean, like on the cross and stuff?
Mr. Grace:  Exactly.  That makes her pretty special to God.
Ricky:  I guess….
Mr. Grace:  What do you think God thinks about you calling her “ugly….”  What was it?  “as ugly as the back of a bus?”  Do you think He was happy about that?
Ricky:  No.  I guess not.  (silence)  So is God mad at me?
Mr. Grace:  No.  But He IS a bit sad (silence). He thinks you´re pretty special too but He likes it better when you love each other.
Ricky:  Yeah, I guess so….but sometimes she´s so special it makes me sick…
Mr. Grace:  And sometimes you’re so special it makes her sick…
Ricky:  You think so….?
Mr. Grace:  I know so….she was just telling me the other day how jealous she was of your skateboarding tricks…
Ricky:  Oh, I never thought of that (silence).  Mr. Grace, who do you think God loves more – Jodi or me – and be honest…
Mr. Grace:  That’s an interesting question.  Let me ask you a question.  Who do you love more?  You’re Dad or your Mom?
Ricky:  Well, they’re different-like…..and I love them in different ways….like my Dad is my Dad, you know but my Mom…..well, she’s my Mom.
Mr. Grace:  It’s hard, isn’t it?
Ricky:  But I love them the same……why do I have to choose?
Mr. Grace:  Exactly.  It’s the same with God.  You and Jodi are different and he loves you both the same…..why does He have to choose?
(Jodi comes back into the scene singing “I’m something special…” but then stops when she sees Ricky and Mr. Grace).
Jodi:  Hello, Mr. Grace.  (she ignores Antonio)
Mr. Grace:  Hello Jodi.  What were you singing?
Jodi:  Nothing.  Momma said not to sing when Ricky is around….it makes him crazy….and mean….
Ricky:  That’s not true…..well, not the crazy part anyway.
Mr. Grace:  Don’t you have something to say to your sister, Ricky?
Ricky:  Yeah.  Sorry I was so mean to you before….I think you sing nice….
Mr. Grace:  ….and?…
Ricky:  You dance like a ballarina….
Mr. Grace:  …..and?….
Ricky:  (sighs)  ….and you’re bee-aa-uutiful, too.
Mr. Grace:  What do you say to that, Jodi?
Jodi:  Mom, was right…..my singing does make you crazy (laughing together)….
Mr. Grace:  Can we get to work now?  My garden is waiting….
Ricky:  Can I help too?
Jodi:  Sure….you’re pretty good at gardening, Ricky.  But you have to put up with my singing….
Ricky:  Fine…..(starts singing)  “I’m something special.  I´m the only one of my kind.”  (Jodi and Mr. Grace join in and they all leave the scene together).
Jodi:  Michelle Amsing     Ricky:  Melanie Amsing      Mr. Grace:  Bert Amsing