Is Freud for Real?

In the meantime, Freud would suggest that this “illusion” called religion may be a necessary evil but it certainly isn’t true.

What is interesting is that his perspective is more rooted in his “predisposition against the supernatural” than because of any philosophical or metaphysical argumentation (of which he makes none at all).

Freud makes it clear that he believes that “science fully reflects what is real.”  There is nothing else.  There is no God to go to and find your answers.  It is all an illusion, a necessary illusion perhaps, but an illusion nonetheless.

Yet his “positivism” about the scientific metaphysics of reality is out of fashion today, especially in light of recent scientific and cosmological advances, even though many people still believe that his opinions about religion stand the test of scientific and philosophical inquiry.

That is not necessarily true.  There is still more to be said.


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Tears of the Desert Warrior by Bert A. Amsing
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