New book called "Invite Culture" coming soon…

Hello Everyone, this is really just a test post to help me get things organized. I am taking a bit of a new approach to my website and blog as well as my FB page. A lot of you already know that when you like, share and comment, it helps my post or blog to rank and therefore potentially get new eyeballs. That is good.
In fact, I am in the middle of writing an ebook called Invite Culture: How to support your favorite church or ministry without spending a dime. There is a lot we can do to support our favorite ministries that has nothing to do with giving donations or buying their books or products.
I do it regularly on my site. Two of my favorite ministries is Ransomed Heart Ministries by John Elderidge and Daily Hope by Pastor Rick Warren. I get their devotional emails every day and I repost them on my FB page and Twitter page with just a few clicks of a button. I know that this helps them quite a bit. Making comments, liking and sharing are also great ways to give your favorite ministry or church some ranking juice. Also giving a testimonial for a book on Amazon is key and providing referrals is essential.
None of these things cost us any money but they are essential elements in the digital economy and can help a church or ministry have more visibility online so that more people can find them and potentially be exposed to the gospel. In fact, each like, share and comment is an invitation to others to come and check out that blog or FB page. It is social proof that someone enjoyed it, someone liked it, someone thought enough about it to make a recommendation. We are in the day-and-age when personal testimony and referral are the keys to success online.
But that is only one half of what Invite Culture is all about. The other half is about learning to invite people offline as well to come and experience God through your church or ministry. Programs like the Alpha Course allow you to work as a team to provide a safe place to share the gospel with those who may be open to the gospel or at least curious enough to come and check it out for themselves. Invite Culture will teach people how to keep their personal invitations casual and friendly without scaring people off. Building relationships is key. Prayer and even fasting is essential. But having a safe place to invite them to is the most important element of this new approach to team evangelism.
Of course, churches and ministries also need to be ready and willing to make this work. If a church does not even have a blog or a FB page, how can anyone share it. If they don’t provide a daily devotional, how can I send it to a friend, or share it on my FB page. Instagram may be popular today but it isn’t enough simply to post fotos. There needs to be a strategy behind it. Churches are in the business of information and need to provide content that their followers can share. Building up an audience online is essential for a church that wants to grow. There is a lot to learn, but if the church or ministry is not ready and willing, how are people supposed to follow them and support them and invite others (online and offline) to do the same.
So let me know if you are interested in reading my book about being an Invite Culture. If enough people respond, I will fast track it and give you an opportunity to review it first. Thanks for being part of Desert Warrior Ministries.
The Desert Warrior