Weekly Update No. 1 (Crowdfunding Campaign)

Good evening, Lord.  Thank you for another day in the desert with you.  This is my weekly update for the Crowdfunding Campaign.  A lot has happened this week, not all of it good.  I guess I´m a bit disappointed.  Nothing is happening.  I forgot that you are my provider and protector.  Everything that happens to me is either good or for my good.  Even this.  This was always an impossible dream and I think you are asking me whether I want to continue on with or without the resources that I need.  Lord, I have to continue on.  This isn´t just a ministry.  This is my life.  This is also Vero´s life.  This is our life ministry to share your grace in our lives through our writing and speaking and painting and drawing and counseling and praying with people.  There isn´t anything else.  Yes, we would like to have more resources but you know that.  Yes, we would like to have an larger impact beyond our circle of friends but even one person´s life transformed, just our children, Lord, and that would be enough for us.

Thank you for the book on marketing for Christians that I found at Jay´s place.  It is so hard to find good Christian books here in Argentina and we can´t always afford to buy them on Amazon.  But this book was perfect.  Exactly the one I needed to read.  A godly man telling the truth about Biblical Marketing.  We cannot let anything get in the way of people´s connection with you.  Biblical Marketing helps ministries to help people make that connection.  The marketing is the ministry and the ministry is expressed through the marketing.  They are one.  I believe that to be true, Lord.  Thank you for the reminder.

That first chapter has been on my mind all week.  We need to be clear about who we are and what you have called us to do.  We need to have one message that is easy to grasp, digest, and participate in.  Lord, I see three parts to the ministry that you have given us.  As an author, I write and my wife draws and paints to provide illustrations.  As a small press, we publish books and other materials and as a Ministry, we teach in various ways.  Write. Publish. Teach.  That´s what we do.

But what is the message.  In essence, we show people how to become desert warriors.  That´s why we are called Desert Warrior Ministries.  People can ask what we mean by that and I would say, “We show people how to become desert warriors who reveal the glory and character of God in Christ to a lost world through their life ministry.”  I think that about sums it up.  Hopefully, people will want to become desert warriors.  It´s simply another way of talking about radical discipleship.  There are a number of key concepts in that statement.  The whole idea of the desert warrior will need to be explained in more detail.  Also, what it means to “reveal” the glory and character of God in Christ and why the glory and character of God is “in Christ” and not just in Creation and then finally, what we mean by our “life ministry.”  Still, the statement is concise and easily remembered.  We show (Write. Publish. Teach) people how to become desert warriors who reveal the glory and character of God in Christ through their life ministry.”

Lord, I also want to clarify in more detail what we mean by Life Ministry.  It not only includes relational evangelism, distinctive apologetics and radical discipleship but also responsible stewardship.  Help me to integrate that last concept into the overall idea.  Lord, thank you for you inspiration.  Even if we only write for ourselves, our children and a few friends, we are blessed to work for you and with you.  We need your anointing to do anything worthwhile in this life.  I will continue to study and learn and make every effort but I know that prayer is necessary and your anointing essential.  I belong to you.  In your name, I pray.  Amen.

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