Our Miracle Baby

Good morning, Lord.  Thank you for another day to reveal the glory of your character in us.  I have to say that I feel a bit like Abraham and Sarah getting their miracle child at 99 years old.  Thank you for the generosity of ___________ with giving us enough money to breakthrough our financial difficulties.
In hindsight, I think I now understand what you were up to by letting us get so desperate as to having absolutely no money left, a computer that didn’t work well and was borrowed and had to be returned and no prospects for moving ahead.  What happened with ______________ was a miracle and was only possible because you gave me favor with him and you were already working in his heart.
I was even in despair and out of sorts with you.  I’m so sorry.  My point is that it wasn’t my great spirituality or prayer life or fortitude that you were rewarding.  It was just grace because you are full of grace and wanted to bless us with this breakthrough.  Thank you Lord.
Every Jew in the world is a miracle baby.  Not just creationally.  Every baby is in a way a miracle but the Jews are special in that the birth of their nation was a direct result of the miraculous intervention of God in the life of Abraham and Sarah.  Far beyond the ability to have children naturally, still Sarah gave birth and every Jewish person in the world today is a direct result of the direct intervention of God in a miraculous, beyond the laws of nature way in the lives of a couple living by faith.
Christians, too, are a miracle race.  Well, we aren’t so much a race as a church, a misfit group of people called out from every tribe and nation on the face of the earth, each one a living miracle of the work of God in making them alive again in a new relationship with Him.  Usually this work of rebirth is an adult thing so we can’t actually say that we are miracle babies but we are definitely a living, walking miracle of God’s grace and intervention in our lives.
Now, in a much smaller way, we have our miracle baby too.  This miracle will always remind us that whatever happens from now on with Internet Marketing, Naanovo and Desert Warrior Ministries will be a direct result of this miracle.
We appreciate this clear guidance and help.  It’s been a long time since we have had anyone believe in us in such a practical way.  Give us guidance and help to spend the money well and to use it to pay bills and create an ongoing income so that we can move on to clean up the mess with Naanovo and dedicate ourselves to full time ministry.
Thank you also that my brother, Andre, and his family could join us in thanking you for this miracle baby and using it together, as partners in work and ministry for the furtherance of your kingdom.
Thank you, Lord.
In Your Name I pray.  Amen