Book 5 - The Road to Jerusalem

“The Fellowship of the Cross” – Seeking Jerusalem – Day 49

Ours is not the Fellowship of the Ring but, rather, the Fellowship of the Cross.  We, too, have a purpose to work together in this redemptive emergency for the salvation of the world.  Yes, there will be individual temptations and trials but, in the context of the relationships forged under trying circumstances, there is also the possibility of redemption and true friendships that will last a lifetime.

Or is that only a fantasy of mine?

It’s easy to write beautiful words to describe the fellowship of the cross, the unity of the church, the friendships forged in this band of brothers and sisters following Jesus on the Road to Jerusalem.  But is it true?  Not so sure.

Book 5 - The Road to Jerusalem

“Spiritual Unity” – Seeking Jerusalem – Day 38

In a couple of weeks on Palm Sunday, we will have a potluck fellowship dinner. Everybody brings a dish and a desert. Drinks are provided. We get together and chat for a while and call it fellowship. Fellowship is supposed to be another word for Spiritual Unity. Doesn’t sound very interesting but it is nice, I suppose.

We have been talking about the Way of the Cross – confession, repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation. Fellowship or Spiritual Unity is supposed to be the result of reconciliation.